Lunch in Pizzala is fast and delicious! We make special meter pizza, which is topped with daily changing creative ingredients and sliced into rich delicious pieces. Always three different pizzas for you to choose from. 

A special, thicker dough is used to make meter pizza to give it form and a base for interesting ingredients and creativity. 

Every day is special at Pizzala lunch but we make sure that one pizza is always vegetarian, one is meaty and one is a familiar classic, for example, Margherita. 

Lunch includes also fresh salads and a cup of Helsinki Coffee Roastery coffee.  

Lunch is served from Tuesday to Friday from 11-14. After that, we serve our normal Pizza Menu.


TUE-FRI 11.00 - 14.00

12,50 € / 3 thick slices

 + salads / coffee


 15€ All You Can Eat + Salads


Työpajankuja 2, Rakennus 11, 00580 Helsinki 


Tue-Fri 11-22

Sat 12-22   

 Sun -Mon Closed